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“As a mother of two boys, looking for something to do, or somewhere to eat became a frenzied chore as I combed through websites, posts, groups, & reviews to find age appropriate, engaging activities and kid-friendly eats in my community.

I love exploring our city & traveling to new cities as a family, but I realized there wasn’t a resource out there that had the information we needed to navigate.

That is how The Play District was born!”

– Katie Y, Founder of The Play District

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What is the Family Guide?

The Family Guide is a resource for Families looking for not just eats and activities - but community involvement, services and rentals - your one stop shop for your family travel needs. The Play District is a grassroots resource and media company dedicated to providing quality, relevant, family-friendly content for YOU.

If you are currently live in one of our districts, or are planning to visit, or even relocate, we want to be the local perspective you and your family can trust.

Whether navigating the Family Guide, The Play District website or attending our events, you can expect:

All our Cities are managed and maintained by a passionate local in the community! You can expect curated, comprehensive business and attraction listings sourced by local families.

Know you’ll be able to find hidden gems in even the most busiest of cities thanks to the amazing parents behind each district!

It is important to us at The Play District to provide an accessible resource to local communities without a paywall.

Each community is led by diverse, passionate, local parents who have varying interests, needs and opinions to provide to you a 100% free resource.

We provide all the information you need to make the best decision for your family, in one place.

Our motto is, spend less time planning and more time playing!

Parents and their kids can enjoy quality family time without the stress and anxiety of travelling or explore their city with confidence.

Our Family Guide is easily filtered by neighborhood, age range, food sensitivities, and so much more!

We understand how hard it can be – especially with picky toddlers and equally picky teenagers – to scour page after page online, so The Play District is always looking to add more to our dynamic filtering!

We curate content and information so that you can make the best decisions for your family.

The Play District is a great resource to use to support, local small businesses, activities, communities and events!

Spend Less Time Planning
And more Time Playing

Each Play District Family Guide is curated by local parents with experience in their city, so you can play like a local!

Tucson, Arizona

The name “Tucson” comes from the name given to Sentinel Peak by the O’odham Tribe

Atlanta, Georgia

Want to help build up your district? Follow the link to see how you can be involved in the Atlanta District


Phoenix, Arizona

Want to help build your district? Follow the link to see how you can be involved in the Phoenix District


San Diego, California

Want to help build up your district? Follow the link to see how you can be involved in the San Diego District


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